Vehicle Tracking Devices

Your vehicle takes you places. Taking good care of your vehicle is important to ensure its longevity and reliability. Enhance your car’s engine life and productivity by planning efficient routes and monitoring fuel consumption. This can help save on costs and reduce wear and tear on the vehicle.


GCT1 UThis wireless device helps track your vehicle through its long battery life of up to 7 years (one report/day), compact design with IP65 waterproof casing, optional cell-ID based reporting under no GPS and backup of up to 300 messages under no coverage.


GCT5 - is one of our 4G real-time tracking devices. Its compact in size and also has built-in memory storage, so you can track in confidence. Both waterproof and dustproof, it also has many built-in features/alarms such as movement, speeding, low power etc to suit all of your tracking needs.


GCTOBD1 - is easy to install and use GPS that uses with real-time position acquiring. It reports essential parameters such as vehicle trip history ,mileage data on a web tracking platform, vehicle towing or movement alarm, over-speed alarm and reporting etc.

GCTOBD Splitter

GCTOBD Splitter-The GCTOBD Splitter comes with a 16 pin male to female extension cable that uses the world’s best rod material. The top design of the product comes with high-end durability and flexibility.

Why should you use real-time GPS Tracking?

Know the exact location of your pets, assets, vehicles and other valuables. Experience better performance through real-time reporting regarding issues such as lost assets or vehicles extra kilometers driven, crossing the speed limits, and start/stop time.

Plug-In and Go

Easy to install feature lets the user benefit the most through simple and direct access

Better Interface

The device has a smooth and user friendly interface for effortless tracking and monitoring

Customized Monitoring

Set your monitoring timings and save the battery life for effective and prolonged usage

Get Alerts

Stay informed about all start and stop trips via instant messages as well as control unauthorized usage